Calculates the unitary price, all units/resources by percentage, allowing you to know the lowest prices on the trade center.

Points who on the commerce is an ally or friend.


With this application you can:

  • Simulate Battles with accurate precision
  • Select units level (ships, flights, tanks and soldiers)
  • Auto fill of attackers and defenders units, with the help of:
    • Combat Reports
    • Spy Reports Defense/Units
    • Combat Reports from DesertOperationsSim (helpfull for players cooperation)
  • Calculate the ammount of buildings lost/won (indicating the max.  exploitable percentage (differs by language selecction))
  • Get a suggestions from DesertOperationsSim for a given defense or an attack (excelents results with 1x1 type of units and garantees total enemy destruction)
  • Reports about the battle:
    • "Result" - Summary of units lost from attacker and defender, percentage of force lost by attackers/victim, equal to the game
    •  "Combat Detail" - Report on how the battle occured (step by step) equal to the game
    • "Monetary Costs" - Calculation of money spent on units (Used, Survived, Casualties)
    • "Consumption" - Materials necessary to preform the attack:
      • Munitions, Kerosene and Diesel
      • Calculates the required Oil for the conversion of Kerosene and Diesel
      • Expenditure per minute, is the ammount of money spent on maintaining the trops, there are two calculations one for all the trops of the attacker, other for the trops that survive the attack
    • "Firepower" - Sum of attackers and defenders firepower, by unit and Grand total
    • "Buildings" - List of all the loser buildings, start amount, end amount and losses
    • "Battle Report Br" - Is a report with equal structure, of the combat report produced by the game, this report can be used to pass simulations to allies, and friends
  • Import units from reports by using copy - past or using the URL.
  • BY IMPORTING THROW URL I CAN GET A UNIT TRANSLATION. (ex: simulator is in english place a german report you will get the units in english)
  • Calculate the "time to combat" depending on the attacker units
  • Calculate the number of diamands necessary to build all the units
  • Save a simulation, with this you can setup predefault values for your account, and also can preform translations. (ex: save a report in french change de simulator to portuguese and you get the portuguese names of the units)