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Desert Operations Simulation.
This tool allows you simulate battles for the free online strategy game Desert Operations.
Play Against thousands of players across the internet, have fun with this strategy game. Online games are great entertainement, play and sugest other games with different themes (sea, space, strategy, roll playing, gangs, villages, etc). Play on the internet, and share this with your allys and friends, this tool will help plan your attacks and predict the result of a battle. This will help you shield better agains enemys, and cant really be considered a chead, because the game as one also. Dont forget to download and share the new firefox addon, this will load your units faster then ever, through your combate and spy reports, improving your gameplay and reduce waiting times. Check the youtube for some videos, they are tutorials on how you can get the best of this tools. In the end will help win this Massive multiplayer game.
Tip for noobies: build only what you need to get started, dont build aiport right way. Research soldiers, then subs. As soon as you can train soldiers, build 3. Then select targets with more then 3 buildings at least and with no wins, attack them with soldiers, each for "fleet". If your target only has 3 buildings, send only one attack because you are only getting 1 building, you can simulate here, by inserting the number of buildings your target as, and calculate how much will you gain. If your target as for example 10 buildings of city's then send 3 attacks on him, notice for each attack the amount of buildings you can capture will dicrease (max. exploitable). The most important thing at this point of the game is selecting your enemy's carefully. Analyze the several players next to you (in terms of points) also try to choose players without allys.
Grey Ghost Unit (New unit of the game): This unit is far to powerfull, doesnt burn to much querosene, attacks almos anything that can attack it... even patriot!! The only solution is Frigate F239, where it can attack Grey Ghost without Grey Ghost fighting back, the only problem is, to get this unit you will need diamonts, and 10 diamonds equals only 5 000 frigates..
So this might set the game uneven, dont get me wrong i do say it is necessary to make attacks easear to do, but there should be a normal unit (no diamonds required) to attack it without being "hit back". My advise to gamers is to be on the look out for the new units try to get as much info as you can get and make tactics to use the new units either for offense or defense.
And always play with the new units.
Atention Grey Ghost Unit is available for a limited time period, so if you want to attack other players with it in the future you better get some now!!!!
News about Desert Operations: (a next level online game): 
The Battle of Champions as began... all players from top 250, can play on Battle of Champions starting 03/11/2011 to 05/31/2011. Now the fight is not only for points.. its for money, that's right! real live money :) taking online games to the next level, the risks high, but so is the prize:

5.000 US $

and thats not all
 2ª place 2.500 US $
 3ª place 1.000 US $
 4ª - 10ª places 500 US $
doenst look to bad at all ;)

 Battle of Champions is over, congrats to the winners!!!
Lets see what looki as reserved for future sub-games 
Game tips: Try to get as much information about your oponent as possible, spying offcourse is the best way to do it, but you can find out much about the player just looking at is profile, as almost every game, players that spend some time improving there profile usually also spend a lot of there time playing the game, so if you see a empty profile, chances are your looking at someone less experience and not spending to much time on the game. The number of victories versus defeats, is a source of information as well, but can be deceiving try to cross that information with the date the player started playing, it just might give you a hint on what your up against.
Always play with an ally spirit, help your mates and attack in a cooperative mode. Coordinated attacks will help you do more damage with less.
Play Online Desert Operations and Build up your own country
Always use the new playing units they are by far the most powerfull weapons on the game.
Fight and Conquer. Rise yourself in the ranks of desert operations.
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